Walker Aviation International

Company Profile

WAI provides dedicated full time individuals for north-American firms who wish to establish long-term presence in France to develop business with European fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft manufacturers; WAI usually provides a full-time individual, partitioned from other WAI activities, dedicated to one Principal; the individual will appear to European customers as a direct representative; the combined factors of having a local sales engineer already connected, established in France on the long term, with coaching by WAI’s experienced aeronautical professionals, are key advantages that nurture the development of new business for the participating north-American firm.

Today WAI is active at OEM accounts such as Airbus in France, Germany and Spain, ATR, Dassault, Airbus Helicopters, Pilatus, Fokker Services, Ruag, etc... WAI also has close contacts with European Airlines in Air Transport and Regional sectors, Business Jet Manufacturers and Operators, Modification Centers, Dealers and Stocking Distributors.

Several Aerospace Companies have contracted with WAI since over 10 years :

WAI was set-up by Larry Walker who holds an MBA from Boston University and a French Electronics University Degree. Larry is fully bilingual French/English and has a good command of German as well.

Larry has gained a wide experience of European Aerospace markets. Before managing WAI, Larry worked for Honeywell from 1979 to 1992. His last position there was Senior Marketing Representative with Honeywell Aerospace , marketing advanced avionics systems at major accounts in Europe (Aerospatiale, Airlines, Dassault, Casa , Eurocopter...) Previous to that assignment, Larry was Honeywell's Manager Product Support for Europe , Middle East and Africa, introducing advanced technologies such as laser gyro inertial systems on the A310 , the B757/767 and the Falcon 900.

While Larry's present concentration is for CMC Electronics, WAI is also home for five full-time avionics professionals who work exclusively for one or another North-American supplier, in a partitioned environment in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

Additionaly WAI's network includes a number of select European consultants in France and Germany for part-time services, thereby extending WAI's coverage of Aerospace firms in Europe.

WAI's professional individuals, and the numerous contacts they have in the European Aerospace Industry , can serve yet the most challenging representative requirements in technical services and marketing & sales.